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This child (right) has been 
bitten by a puff adder (snake) 
that entered his hut while he 
was sleeping. Snake bites and 
other hazards of outdoor living 
and hygiene are common.


We hunted with and photographed this Hadzabe family  
for three hours which resulted in a single squirrel 
constituting lunch for eight!

Malaria and respiratory infections continue to be common for attending clinicians at both Selian Hospital and the Arusha Town Clinic. AIDS is the second leading diagnosis. Also, Hypertension and Genito-Urinary complaints are in the top ten reasons for visits.

The most common diagnoses, (excluding the category of “Other” which lumps together all the less common diagnoses) are malaria, pneumonia, and AIDS.
In Tanzania children suffer a great proportion of deaths due to illness, with nearly 25% of mortality being in the pediatric population.  Only two thirds of patients have normal deliveries of babies in obstetric wards and the C-section rate is high, at 47%, most often due to the referral of problem cases to the hospitals by traditional birth attendants in villages.  Maternal deaths during child birth are uncommon.