Peace Hospitals

The PEACE plan (see valued alliances in the Our Friends page; (also click on  USA Today  and  Christianity Today ) is a fantastic project founded by  Rick Warren,  Pastor and author of The Purpose Driven Life, to change life for the better through a series of international initiatives designed around the acronym PEACE:








Nowhere is this more important than in Rwanda, where a series of aligned projects are underway to promote healing and restoration of the entire nation. Part of their work we are excited to support are their healthcare efforts in Kibuye, a small village in the far western area of Rwanda.

     (Founders Jeff and Jill with Rick Warren)


recently visited the hospital on two occasions with members of the PEACE activists, and look forward to sending a shipment for use by this emerging facility in the very near future.

Pictured below are photos of the hospital indicating some of their needs, as well as of some of the individuals involved in the project.

Our dream is that provided supplies via AHHF will make it easier for clinics and health care delivery systems.

By working closely with various agencies we can help with the care for the sick elements of the plan, as well as with the wonderful healing efforts in the country at large.


 Note (below) the suction machine (the only one available) for the OR! They have no anesthesia capability, and the equipment is quite old or damaged. We hope to help this situation right away!

Thanks to PEACE efforts the pharmacy storeroom is relatively well equipped with medications for HIV-aids patient medications and antibiotics for treatment to TB. Note the state of hospital beds in areas of the childrens unit, which is being revamped (all above). 

A patient and her son are interviewed at the clinic at Kibuye.


This is one of two pre-me incubators available at the hospital. Note, needs to be used by two patients simultaneously!


The OR is far from 'aseptic' as is the custom in America, and we are focusing on helping with everything from autoclaves to surgical kits to operating room lamps.